01 pen floating.jpg
05 stauts led on.jpg
09 pen ruler app on ipad.jpg
Ink Packaging.001.jpg
 Bi-weekly factory visits ensured quality of manufacturing.
 The hydroformed shell allowed for the most volume and strength, while still feeling like a slender pen in hand.
 Hot days spent with our hydroforming team in Taichung, Taiwan.
 Rapid prototyping of integrated software and hardware is where the magic happens.
 The first "schematic" of Cloud Copy > Paste.
 Illustrative schematic design exploring pen interactions.
 LED sequences specified for the engineering team.
 Working with the Fortune Magazine crew in Manhattan.
03 Fortune Shoot 3.jpg
 I constructed a Software Ecosystem map to help us account for all that was needed in the software development effort.
 I designed a conceptual web site very early on to tease out the product narrative, and inform the actual web site work to be done. Though not official in any shape or form, this page became the genesis for much of the marketing literature. Design leads the way.
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