Career from L to R: A product development journey.

Career from L to R: A product development journey.


Geoff Dowd is a designer, product developer and creative leader.

Most recently, he served as Head of UX with Project Aura – Google Inc. The work there is a secret for now.

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Before his time with Google, Dowd served as Director of Experience Design for Adobe Inc. It is here that he oversaw the creation of Adobe’s Design and Drawing products – from nimble mobile apps that enable digital sampling of colors, shapes and brushes, to recharging Adobe’s flagship desktop products for the next generation of designers.

Dowd especially enjoys developing powerful 1.0 creative tools from scratch. In 2014, he launched Adobe's Creative Hardware, Adobe Ink & Slide. Agreeing that companies serious about software should make their own hardware, Dowd has led Adobe to create its very first consumer electronic devices.

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Hardware inspires software; Dowd led the design and development of Adobe drawing software and services that work in harmony with Adobe Ink such as Adobe Illustrator Draw and Shape CC. Integrated software, hardware and services showed how good a vertical experience could be.

Dowd launched Color CC for Apple Watch, exploring how the next generation of designers interact with geo-tagged color in their creative flow, while developing expertise in the Apple Watch platform. Dowd's team was among the very first at Adobe to master the Apple Watch SDK, and enjoyed the halo effect of Watch's launch. By being in the app store on day one, Color CC for Watch is among the top Apple recommended apps for Utilities.

Dowd complements his product design and development efforts with authentic outreach to notable creative professionals through home-made influencer programs, and can be seen on stage and at design gatherings worldwide evangelizing reductive design, starting-with-why, prototyping-to-learn, and sharing his experience in all. Dowd is an active member of the AIGA and a strong proponent of design education.

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Previously, Dowd tenured as Creative Director at Odopod, contributing to the growth of the award winning agency, and separately as a long-time designer at frog design –both located in San Francisco, California. The City has been home to Dowd since he completed his degree in Applied Art & Design at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. His career path has been a study in digital design, but really a master class in product development.

Dowd and his young family live in San Francisco, California, and find The City to be an endless source of inspiration and opportunity for design.